Pizza are very popular these days across India, especially with a younger audience. However, there are numerous concerns about the health aspects as it is mainly made with plain flour which in turn may indigestion issues. To solve these issues, there is a healthy alternative made with semolina or suji dough known as Rava or Suji Pizza recipe.

The traditional pizza recipes are made on the oven which is not something common across Indian kitchen. Hence to solve this problem, I have posted this recipe on the non-stick pan in a gas stove cook-top. Basically I have used slow flame and covered the tawa or pan with a lid which simulates oven environment.  I have used semolina or suji which is not only makes it healthy but also a tasty alternative. Moreover, it also makes pizza crispy and hard similar to thin-crust pizza with healthy taste.


Preparation time- 5 min

Cooking time- 5 min

Course- Pizza

Cousin- Indian

Serving- 3-4 pizza




1 cup rawa or suji

1 cup buttermilk

1cup water

½ tsp eno salt

For pizza sauce

If you don’t have pizza sauce then focus on this ingredients

4tbspn tomato sauce

½ tspn chilli flex

½ tsp mixed herb (oregano)

1 tsp red chilli sauce

Topping for pizza

2 tsp oil

4-5 tbsp mozzarella cheese (grated)

Some onion slice

Some capsicum slice

Some tomato slice

Some olives (optional)

Some jaapeno (optional)

1 tbsp sweet corn

1 tbsp small pieces of paneer (optional)

½ tsp chilli flex

¼ tspn mixed herbs




Take   a large bowl take 1 cup rava and ¾ tsp salt.

Add 1 cup buttermilk and mix well. You can alternatively use 4tbsp of curd.

Now add ½ cup water and mix properly.

Keep aside for 15 minutes or until suji absorbs moisture.

Prepare instant pizza sauce, in a small bowl take ¼ cup tomato                                        1 tsp chilli sauce, ½ tsp chilli flakes and ½ tsp mixed herbs.

(If you have pizza Sauce then you can use that Sauce)

Mix well making sure everything is well combined. Pizza sauce is ready.

After 15 minutes, mix the suji batter once again.

If the batter is thick, add ½ cup water and adjust consistency as required.

Now add ½ tsp eno fruit salt and mix gently. do not over mix or rest the batter after adding eno.

Heat the tawa or pan and grease it with a tsp of oil.

Pour 2 ladleful of suji batter and spread evenly.


Cover and simmer for 2 minutes, or until the batter is cooked well from bottom.


Pour in 1 tsp oil and carefully flip over.

Spread in 3 tsp of prepared pizza sauce. You can use brought pizza sauce.

Top with 3 tbsp. of mozzarella cheese.

And top with onion, capsicum, tomato, olives, jalapeno, sweet corn.

Now sprinkle ¼ tsp chilli flakes and ¼ tsp mixed herbs.

Further top with 2 tbsp. of mozzarella cheese.

Cover and simmer for 2 minutes, or until cheese melts completely and pizza is cooked completely.

Finally, slice it and enjoy Suji Pizza with family.