Caramelized Bananas are very easy to make recipe it’s pan-fried in brown sugar and cinnamon or green cardamom for a simple and delicious treat. You can enjoy them as it is or use them as a topping with ice cream, pancake, French toast and more.


Preparation time- 1 min

Cooking time- 2 min

Serve- 1 person

Cousin- snacks



Banana 2

Brown sugar or sugar

1 tspn butter

½ tspn green cardamom powder or cinnamon powder

Almond powder for garnishing


Slice bananas into thick coins or lengthwise strips, depending on your preference.

Take a pan heat and add 1 tspn butter.

Add chopped lengthwise banana and brown sugar sauté.

Roll banana in brown sugar until it completely coated.

Cooked banana until light to golden brown .

Gently flip the bananas over to brown with other side.

Transfer to a palate and garnish with almond powder and serve.

Alternatley slide them right onto your icecreame or breakfast food

With toast.