Peanut Ladoo make just two ingredients roasted peanuts and jaggery. It is very easy recipe of delicious ladoos.There are many ways of making peanuts ladoos, with addition of coconut, mawa, sesame seed etc. but I always make this ladoos roasted peanuts and jaggery.These ladoo stay good for about one month at room temperature. You can serve this ladoo plain or even serve it as a sweet snack in the Tiffin box.

peanuts ladoo

I am sure this ladoo goes to favriote of your all family members.

Preparation Time- 5 min.

Cooking Time- 10 min.

Recipe type- sweet

Servings- 12-15 ladoos


 Peanuts- 1 cup

Jaggery- ½ cup grated jagery

Desi ghee- 1 tspn

Sesame seeds- 2 tbspn (optional)



Heat thick bottom pan add peanuts and roast for peanuts on medium flame.

Stirring at intervals begin to roast the peanuts.

When once roast the peanuts roasted well, keep the pan down and let it cool at room temperature.

When the peanuts comes the room temperature, rub the peanuts between your palms, so that their skin peel off.

Now add the peanuts in grinder and make coarsely powder and keep aside.

Now take a pan and add desi ghee and  jaggery let it melt.

Keep stirring the jaggery on low flame, until the jaggery dissolves completely.


Boil for a min. Or  until the syrup turns frothy.

Do not over boil the syrup, also 1 sting of jiggery syrup is not required.

Keep the flame on low and add coarsely powdered peanuts and sesame seeds (it’s optional)

Mix well until the mixture is combined well.


Transfer the ladoo mixture into a bowl or plate and cool slightly.

First grease your hand with oil or ghee and now start making ladoo when the mixture is still hot.

This mixture yields 12- 15 peanutes ladoo, store the ladoos an air tight jar .

Serve these healthy peanuts ladoo as sweet snacks.


Note- You can use this ladoo on your fast.

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