Aam Ka Panna or Aam Jhora or Kairi Panna  is the perfect way to refresh and rehydrate during the oppressively hot Indian summers. Made from raw mangoes and jaggery.  As with most Indian recipes, there’s more than one way to make aam panna. This aam panna is very simple and easy recipe with boiled mangoes and jaggery.

Aside from being exceptionally tasty, aam panna also boasts immunity and here some   health benefits aam panna-

Prevents heat stroke by keeping the body cool.

It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. Raw mangoes are rich in Vitamin C and iron, plus if you have used jaggery, it gives an iron boost.

Making aam ka panna is quite simple, requiring just about 15 minutes

I share the method of making the aam panna syrup which you can keep in the fridge for all summers.

Prepartion time- 5 min

Cooking time- 10 min

Cousin – summer drinks 

Serve- one small bottle serve 5-6 times


Raw mango 3 pieces

Black salt- 1 tspn

Jaggery – 2 tbspn

Roasted jeera powder- 1tspn

Mint leaves one bunch


Wash well raw mangoes in water. Place the mangoes in a 1-litre pressure cooker or pan and add mangoes.

You can also steam the mangoes in a steamer or a pot or the Instant pot. Feel free to remove the peels prior to cooking if you prefer.

Boil 4-5 min. switch off flame and let it cool.

Peel and remove seeds and keep pulp aside.

Take mixer grinder add mango pulp, mint leave and jaggery blend well.

Strain and add roasted jeera powder and black salt mix well.

Store in bottle and keep in fridge.

When you want to serve add 2 tspn panna syrup in glass add water with some ice and serve.

Video Recipe of aam panna 


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