Today’s I am going to share very special dish and all time everyone favorite. its Aloo Katli, or aloo ki katli wali sabji.  It is a very spicy vegetable and also looks very beautiful. Whenever you get bored of eating potato vegetable, then you can make Aloo Katli in this way, it is very easy to make recipe and you can serve with poori, paratha and chapati also. Even you can add in lunch box of your loved once.


Video recipe of aloo ki katli

Preparation time- 5 min

Cooking time 7-8 min

Serve- 3 person

Cuisine- Indian


4 potatoes medium size

1 onion chipped in roundels

3-4 green chilli silted

1 tspn chilli flakes

1/3 haldi powder

1/3 jeera powder

¼ tspn hing

2 red whole chilli

Salt to taste




Firstly, peel the potatoes, remove the skin, cut them into round pieces and then wash them thoroughly.

Take one medium size onion and cut in roundels.

After that, heat a pan on the gas, then add mustard oil in it and ¼ tspn hing and whole red chilli sauté.

Now add chopped potato in it, sauté 2 min.

Then add onion roundels and sauté.

When the potatoes turn light pink, add jeera powder, haldi powder and salt to taste cook on low flame.

Don’t mix well only lift and flip potatoes. Cook till potatoes crisp.


Add chopped dhaniya patti and chilli flax. Off the flame.

Serve hot with chapatti. Poori or paratha.


my latest video recipe