Aloo ke papa

Aloo ka papad is very crispy and crunchy recipe. It is make very easily. This is very much loved Indian snacks especially famous in UP, actually its Uttar Pradesh cuisine.

Aloo Papad just fry in oil or roasted in gas flame make a cup of tea and enjoy.

Aloo ke papa
Aloo Papad

Aloo papad made during the festival of hoil, because this season good for making this Papad. As the quality of potatoes available at this time is perfect, and weather is dry and sunny.  It is very simple just boil potatoes and mashed then add and mix salt, cumin seed and red chilli flex.

You can aslo add kasoori methi, dhaniya pataa, chopped green chilli etc.

The small potatoes dough balls are rolled between two pieces of thick polythene spreading with the help of finger either rolling pin.  Or take a big plastic sheet and make a dough balls keep on the plastic sheet, cover with a small plastic sheet and press gently with a steel palte to make it flate and thin Papad.

You can store in container this aloo Papad throughout one year.



Preparation Time- 20 min.

Cooking time- 5 min

Serving – many more

Type- side dish/ snacks




1 kg potatoes or 5-6 potatoes

2 tbspn chili flacks

2 tbspn cumin seed

2-4 tbspn oil for making papad

Salt to taste or 2 tbspn




Wash and boil whole potatoes. Don’t cut them in pieces before boiling as they end up absorbing the water.

Peel and grate them, and grate them with your grater mix and make smooth dough.

Add salt, cumin seeds and chili flacks mix properly from this dough.

This dough is sticky so before using this dough grease mustard oil in your palm.

Prepare space for drying the Papad by spreading a big plastic sheet in the sun or under the fan.

Take two small thick plastic sheet of same size.

Grease both sheet with oil and put the potato balls on one and cover with other.

Now roll with rolling pin or press with your hand or katori to make a like small poori.

Remove the upper sheet and transfer Papad on the big plastic sheet carefully and slowly.

Repeat with all the Papads. Flip the side of Papad after 6-8 hours.

It will make 2-3 days to completely dry in a room or 2 days in sun.

Store in tight container and use throughout the year.

Deep fry in oil from both sides when needed.

You can  roast also in gas flame if you don’t want to eat fry.

Serve as a snack with tea or coffee.

Aloo ke papa
                               Aloo Papad



Note- I made aloo papad for fasting also just add a vrat wala namak (sendha Namak) instead of simple salt.