Aloo Suva ki Sabzi– Suva bhaji /shepu bhaji /dill leaves is a very aromatic leaves which was a winter specialty but now easily available throughout the season. This is famous dish of Uttar Pradesh. It can serve in breakfast with palin paratha and lunch with dal and rice or in dinner with chapatti.

Suva is quite strong and pungent in taste but combines well with almost all vegetables and lentils,If you like the flavour then can use a lot to make this stir fry and if you are trying this first time then start with small quantity of dill. You can also use dill in salad and raitas, it gives a very nice fennel like aroma and taste to any dish, dill can be used raw or cooked both ways.

I have made this stir fry with baby potatoes. the small new baby potatoes then do try with the baby potatoes without peeling them. Even you can make this small potatoes.

Preparation time – 5 min.

Cooking time- 10 min

Type- stir fry


½ kg baby potatoes

½ cup suva leaves chopped

3-4 whole red chilli

½ tspn methi dana

4 tbspn mustard oil

½ tspn haldi powder

Salt to taste


Take baby potatoes and chop into cubes and wash them well. (peeling is optional)

Heat oil in a pan and add the methi seeds and let it crackle (I have used mustard oil but you can use your regular cooking oil).

When methi become golden then add the red chilies ,chopped garlic saute few seconds.

Now add chopped potatoes  saute and cover with lid and cook till they are ¾ done.

Add haldi powder and salt and suva leaves Cover with a lid and cook till the potatoes are cooked and done.

Serve hot with hot plain paratha or in lunch with dal and rice .