Amla is very rich source of vitamin C and fibre. It is good for our health especially in winter. Today I am going to share amla and green chilli ka achar.   Amla and green chilli  Ka  Achar is a very yummy recipe and this pickle is very easy to make. You can serve any type of stuff paratha and plain paratha also. This pickle is  very good combination and make delicious your paratha.



Preparation Time- 15 min.
Cooking Time- 5 min.
Recipe – pickle
500gm- Amla(gooseberries)
1 cup oil
4 tbspn red chilli powder
2 tbspn turmeric powder
2 tbspn salt or to taste
4 tbspn mustard powder
1 pinch of hing
½ cup green chilli  
Boil the gooseberries or Amla for 4-5 min.


Drain out Amla the water.
Break the Amla in pieces and take  out  Amla seeds.


Take green chilli wash and cut in to  the pieces in half inches.
Take a bowl add boil Amla and salt, mustard seeds powder, red chilli powder,green chill, hing and mustard oil.


Mix all ingredients properly.


Your pickle is ready for eat on same day.


You can store this pickle over year.  
Serve your Amla pickle any type of stuff paratha or plain paratha.


Amla pickle



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