During the winter market are flooded with fresh Amla or gooseberry and it is the time of consume Amla juice or gooseberry juice as well.

Amla juice can be made in large quantity and stored in fridge and used whenever needed. But there is amount of oxidation that happens after preparing it.

So it is by far best to prepare and consume immediately and fresh.

There are so many ways to include amla in your diet. Here some more recipe of Amla.

Amla Pickle 

Video Recipe of Amla Juice

Preparation time 5 min.

Cooking Time- 2 min.

Serve 2 person




6-8 fresh Amla or gooseberry

1 tspn chopped ginger

1 tspn gur or jaggery or honey

½ tspn black salt

½ tspn roasted jeera powder

Salt as per taste (optional)




Take Amla wash and cut.

Chopped and add in grinder.

Add Amla, jaggery, balck salt, roasted jeera powder, ginger and salt.

Add one cup of water and make fine paste.

Strain with help of strainer.

Garnish with roasted jeera powder and serve immediately.


Note- You can add honey instead of jaggery,