Badam Puri

Badam puri an authentic and traditional south Indian desert recipe made with all purpose flour, almonds and sugar syrup. This recipe is a delicacy from the south state of Karnataka but now has become a south Indian sensational sweet recipe  Badam Puri taste is almost resemble the balushahi recipe.  It is very mouth dissolving sweet recipe which is very easy to make at home. The Badam paste is added directly to the plain flour dough and hence the name of recipe is badam puri.

Badam Puri


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Preparation time- 15 min.

Cooking time- 30 min.

Type- desert/sweet

Cuisine- Karnataka

Serving-4 person



15-20  badam puri

2 cup- maida

¼ baking powder

1 tspn sugar

¼ tspn salt

3 tbspn ghee

10 cloves

Saffron/ kesar  threads (optional)

¼ cardamom powder

Oil for fry



First to prepare badam paste, soak 15 almonds in 1 cup of hot  water for 30 min.

Peel the skin of badam and 4  transfer to the badam and 4 tbspn of water in grinder and make sooth paste.

Take a large bowl or thali add 2 cup of maida ¼ tsp baking powder 1 tspn sugar and ¼ tspn salt and mix well.

Now add 3 tbspn of ghee and crumble and mix well.

Now add badam paste and mix after that add some milk and make a tight dough.

Knead smooth and tight dough, grease oil and keep aside for 15 min.

 For sugar syrup-

Take a pan add 1 cup of sugar, and ½ cup of water and few threads of saffron(optional).

Mix well until the sugar dissolvs.

Boil for 3 minutes or until sugar syrup attains 1 string consistency.

Add ¼ tspn of cardamom powder mix well and keep aside.

Make badam puri-

Knead the dough again making sure the dough is smooth.

Take a small ball size dough and grease with oil.

Roll gently to thick puri.

Spread ¼ tspn ghee and fold half, again spread ghee and fold triangle.


Roll gentally to flatten the layers.

Prick a lavang (clove) centre of puri.

Heat oil in pan in medium flame, drop the badam puri and fry.

Fry on low flame until the puri turns golden and crisp.

Take out the puri in pan on tissue paper.

Drop the puri in to warm sugar syrup dipping in completely.


Leave it for 5 min. If you want more sweetness then soak for more mintes.

Now badam puri is ready to serve, enjoy with your family.








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