This incredibly easy recipe is said to be very beneficial for immunity since it is enriched with a range of antioxidants. The superfoods used in the drink are known to ward off risk of microbial infections and soothe cold, cough and flu. Since bajra or pearl millet is replete with fibers, it makes for an excellent beverage for diabetics, who should always stay hydrated while monitoring their carbohydrate intake.


Preparation time- 2 min

Cooking time -3 min

Serve- 2 person

Cuisine- Beverage / drink




½  tspn jeera

½ tsp ajwain or carom seeds

4 tbspn bajra flour or pearl miller flour

1 cup of butter milk or chaach

½ tspn black salt

Salt to taste

Roasted jeera powder


Take a mixing bowl add bajara flour and butter milk.

Mix well and add ajwain, jeera, black salt and salt mix well.

Now heat pan add bajara flour batter and cook for 2 min.

Continue stir and after two min you can see the color change.

When its convert thickens switch off the gas.

Now let’s serve garnish with roasted jeera powder and serve hot.

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