These beetroot poori are mostly a hit with the kids because children never like to eat beetroot salad. So it’s better idea to serve them beetroot poori. Firstly the colour is attractive and the taste is also good. I am sharing the recipe the way I prepare beetroot pooris. I make puree the beetroot and then add the puree to the flour. With the pureeing method, the colour is more intense and looks attractive.

Even you can add in tiffin box of you hubby and kids.

You can serve these beetroot poori like the way we serve regular pooris. With potato curry or chickpea curry or any sabzi or gravy like matar paneer. Even you can serve in breakfast with any type of pickle.

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Prepration time- 20 min

Cooking time- 10 min

Serve- 4 person

Type – breakfast / main course



One beet root wahed and chopped

2 cup wheat flour

½ tspn ajwain

3-4 green chilli

1 inches ginger

2-3 cloves of garlic (optional)

1 tspn oil

Salt to taste

Method –

First rinse peel and roughly chop beetroot and add in the grinder with ginger, garlic and chilli.

Adding very little and water grind to a smooth puree.

Take 2 cup of wheat flour add one tspn oil, ajwain and salt mix well.

Add the beetroot puree, in flour mix well.

With the help of water (if needed then add water) knead a soft dough and keep aside for 10-20 min.

After 20 min. divide the dough in small sized balls, roll them into neat round balls.

Take one ball flatten it and spread some oil or dry flour on it

Now gently roll to a 4-5 inches poori,

Heat oil in a pan or kadahi. Fry all pooris one by one.

Fry them till the crispy of both side. Drain out all pooris on tissue paper.

Serve hot with any type gravy or dry veggies or some pickle.

I prefer to serve with mostly dry veggies.