Besan ki barfi
Easy to make recipe
Besan ki barfi.……..Besan ki barfi is one of best sweet dish of every home because it is very tasty and healthy sweets and every one like to eat. It is very easy to make at home only few ingredients. It is made with roasted besan, ghee and sugar. This barfi can be served ant time of the day. It is flavored with cardamom powder and garnish with some dry fruits and serve.

Besan ki barfi

 Peparation time-5 min.
Cooking time-25 min.
type- sweet/desert

2 cups (240 gm) besan

1 cup sugar

½  tbspn cardamom powder
½  cup  (100gm)ghee
Nuts for  garnishing


  Place a non-stick frying pan on stove and let it heat on low flame.

Add ghee and let it melt,  Add  besan and stir fry until it gives out aroma. Ensure that it does not change its color.

Besan ki barfi


 Blend well to mixture in pan  and make sure that the mix does not form lumps.
 Add sugar and water and mix well and make sugar syrup of one strings.
Add a sugar syrup in roasted besan and mix well. Add caramom powder and mix well.
mix very well of mixture when mixture leave the ghee on side of pan.
 Grease  some oil or ghee the bottem  of a large tray or thali.
  Pour the mixture and spread out to measure one  inch thick.
Sprinkle nuts to garnish.
 Allow the mixture to cool and set.
Cut into small squares or diamonds and serve.
You can store these besan barfi to 8-10 days.