Biscuit Fritters

Biscuit Fritters is a delicious Indian recipe served as a Snacks. It’s very simple recipe. Ready in just 10-15 min.
I have already post biscuit sandwitch pakaure.

Cooking Time- 10 min.

Preparation time-5 min.
Served- 4 person
Type- Snack


·         12 pieces – any salty biscuits (Monaco or Time Pass)
·         100 gm – fine besan
·         1 tespn chilli powder
·         1 tespn chat masala
·         Chopped coriander leaves
·         oil for deep fry
·         salt to taste

·         Mix besan, chilli, salt, chat masala and coriander leaves add a little of water to make paste.

·         Mix properly all ingredients and make a some thick better.

·         Take oil in a pan to deep fry in.

·          When heat oil, dip a biscuit properly  in the besan better and drop in hot     oil.
·         Turn the biscuit over to deep- fry both their sides.

·         It takes one min. For each fritters to be fried evenly on both sides.

·         You can add up depending upon size of pan. Fry till golden brown.

·         Biscuit Fritters is ready to serve.

·      Serve it with tomato sauce or any green chutney and along with tea.

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