Biscuit sand-witch pakaura is  tea time recipe. We can serve this is as a starter also.  Biscuit sandwich pakaura is a very delicious recipe to treat your family and friends. Its all time kids favorite. I have prepared always for my son in evening snacks. He is  love to take in their school lunch box, and I am sure this dish help you in packing your kids lunch box also. It is very simple and easy to make recipe. It can be prepared within 10-15 min.


Preparation Time- 10 min

Cooking Time-5 min

Type- snacks

Serve- 2 person


For the filling-

1 Packet Monaco Biscuit or any salty biscuit

2 medium size boiled and mashed potatoes

1 tespn green chilli, finely chopped

2 tbspn finely chopped coriander leaves

1 tespn Ginger-Garlic Paste (optional)

1 tespn Jeera powder (roasted)
1 tespn chat masala
Salt to taste


For better-
3-4 tbspn corn flour or besan or maida
1/4 tspn red chili powder
1 pinch black pepper powder
Oil for frying
Peel the boiled potatoes. Mash the potatoes when they are still warm.
Add the coriander leaves, green chili,ginger-garlic paste, jeera powder, chat masala and salt to taste in the mashed potato.
Mix all of these with the mashed potatoes. Check the seasonings and adjust accordingly. Keep aside.
Preparing the besan batter or corn flour-
In a bowl, take the besan (gram flour) or  cornflour. Add the red chili powder, black pepper powder and salt.
Add around 5-6  tbspn water and mix. .The batter should not be very thick nor too thin.  Keep the ready batter aside.
Assembling and Frying the Biscuit Sandwitch Pakaura-
Before you do the following steps, heat up some oil for deep frying the pakauras.
 Take 2 tbsp of the mashed potato mixture and apply it on the biscuit evenly.
Cover this potato stuffed biscuit with another biscuit.


You have now a beautiful biscuit sandwich. Just slightly press the sandwich.
Take the entire sandwich in your hand and dip it in the corn flour or  besan batter. Coat the stuffed biscuit sandwich evenly with the  batter.
Be gentle with the pakoras. Take care not to keep the stuffed biscuit sandwich a long time in the batter as the biscuit tends to break.
 Now, your oil is hot and you can easily slide the besan batter coated biscuit sandwich in the oil.
Fry the biscuit pakoras on a medium flame just 20-30 sec. they are become crisp and golden brown soon. Drain on a tissue Pepper. 
  Serve them hot or warm with tomato sauce or with any green chutney.
Enjoy the biscuit sandwitch pakoras  with a cup of indian ginger tea.