Bread Rolls with  Green Peas –
Bread with green peas filling makes a mouthwatering snack. This is a perfect snack with evening tea and breakfast also. You can serve as a appetizer.  Bread green peas rolls are crunchy outside, spicy and soft inside. Easy to prepare and serve. Its kids favorite snacks.

Preparation Time-20 min.

Cooking Time- 15 min.

Serve- 4 member

Type- Snacks

Make 8 bread rolls
§  8 bread slices
§  ½  cup green peas boiled or fried  and mashed
§  1 teaspoon oil
§  ¼  teaspn cumin seeds
§      Salt to taste
§  1/8  teaspn red chili powder
§  1/2 teaspn mango powder (amchoor)
§  1 tabspn coriander leaves  finely chopped
§  1 green chili  minced,  according  to taste
§  1 teaspoon ginger finely chopped
§  Oil to fry
1.    Heat the oil in a frying pan and add the cumin seed. When the cumin seed starts to crackle, add green peas, green chili, and ginger, and stir for a few seconds.
2.    Add the  all the spices chili powder, mango powder, salt, and coriander leaves  and stir-fry for a minute. Turn off the heat.


3.    Taste the mixture; it should be a little spicier than you like, as it will taste milder inside the bread.  Mashed properly and make a coarse Paste of green peas. Keep aside.




4.    Trim the edges of the all 8 bread slices .
5.    Roll 1 tbspn of the mixture at a time into an oval shape. Make eight rolls.


6.    Fill a small bowl with water to wet the bread. Dip one side of a slice of the bread lightly in the water. Place the slice between your palms and press, squeezing out the excess water.

7.    Place the peas  filling in the center of this bread and mold the bread to completely cover it all around, giving  an oval shape.  Repeat to make all the rolls. Before frying, let them set for 3- 5 min.



8.    Heat the oil in a frying pan on medium high heat. Drop the rolls slowly into it.


9.    Fry the bread rolls until they are golden brown, turn other side. This should take about two to three minutes. 


After golden brown take them out over a tissue  paper.

10.                       Serve bread rolls hot with green chutney or tomato ketchup.