Butterfly pea flowers are traditionally used to brew a soothing and healthful herbal tea called blue pea tea. Today I am going to make this vibrant blue drink at home in just 5 minutes.


Butterfly pea flowers are traditionally used to brew a delicate blue tea and as a natural food colorant for rice dishes and desserts.

The wonderful flowers have a striking blue color because of the high concentration of blue-violet pigments called anthocyanin’s. These blue pigments are powerful antioxidants responsible for the many health benefits of these exotic flowers: aid in weight loss, better blood sugar control, and healthier skin and hair.

You need just two ingredients o for making this tea. Need water and butterfly pea flower.

I used pea flower in my garden you can use dried pea flower which is available online shopping.

Video recipe of Butterfly Pea Tea


Preparation time- 1 min

Cooking time 2 min.

Serve- one cup tea with two flowers



Butterfly pea flower – 2 no.

Water one cup

Honey and lemon juice (optional)



Take pan add one cup of water.

Take fresh flower remove green parts and add in water.

Switch on flame and boil water for two min or flowers become white.

Switch off flame. Cover boil water for 2 min.

After 2 min open and strain tea and enjoy.

You can add honey and some drop of lemon juice.

I enjoy this tea plain.


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