Creamy, cosy, and deliciously frothy, just 3-ingredient recipe for cafe-style Hot Coffee is the perfect. First of all, you don’t need any special equipment to make your coffee taste as good as if a barista had done it for you, and it’ll be ready in less than 5-7 minutes.

Just use a strainer to beat coffee and make your coffee restaurant style.

Preparation time- 5-7 min

Cooking time- 2 min

Serve- 4 cup of coffee

Cuisin- beverage


4 tbspn coffee

6 tbspn sugar

½ lit cup of milk

Cocoa powder for garnishing


In a bowl, take 4 tbspn teaspoons of  coffee and 6 tbspn sugar (or add as per taste).

Add 3 tablespoons hot boiling water. You can heat water in an electric kettle or in a small pan.

First mix the coffee and sugar with water.

Then begin to stir briskly and beat coffee for 3 to 4 minutes with the help of tea strainer.

You can take a break after 1 to 2 minutes and then continue if your hands start aching.

Beat the coffee till its color lightens and you see a frothy layer on top.

Then take ½ lit.  Milk in a pan and boil it on a medium heat.

When boil milk take cup and add 2 tbspn beaten coffee and pour hot milk.

Mix with spoon and garnish with cocoa powder and serve.


Serve the frothy cafe style hot coffee and enjoy with your loved once.

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