Traditional Indian chaas is made by blending cold, rich curd with of water and nearly any spices you like. Today I’m sharing with you recipes for making chaas. The buttermilk is made by blending yogurt and water with some spices and/or herbs. A bit of butter comes on the surface while churning.

Not only salty chach is had during summers but also as a part of meals and sometimes before or after meals. There are again many ways of making it.

Chaas is also street food and in many Indian cities you will find vendors selling this spiced buttermilk, especially in the hot summers. Sometimes this mattha drink is also smoked with charcoal fumes which gives it an earthy smoky flavour.

This summer drink in known by various names all over India – mattha (Hindi), taak (Marathi), chaach (Hindi), majjige (Kannada), moru (Tamil & Malayalam), majjiga (Telugu).

Preparation time- 5min.

Cooking time- 2min.

Cousin- summer drink

Serve- two person


1 cup curd

1tspn roasted jeera powder

½ tspn black salt

½ black pepper powder

½ tspn chaat masala

1 tspn sugar ( optional)

1 tbspn coriander leaves

Salt to taste


Take blander add curd, roasted jeera powder, black salt, black pepper powder, sugar, normal salt some ice cubes and add 1 glass water.

Blend it 1-2 min until the curd has been mixed well.


Take glass add some coriander leave and pour the chaach in glass.

Garnish some coriander leaves and red chilli powder serve chill.

Video recipe of spicy chaach-