Today I am going to share bread pakura recipe with twist. Bread pakora is another interesting snack that goes well in the rains. It’s one of our favorite snack. And what better way to the classic recipe up than by adding cheese in it. This Cheese Bread Pakora recipe is just that. Making this bread pakaura more health I add some vegetable in besan batter.  This recipe makes for a great breakfast option. And you can add in lunch box for your loved once.

Cheese Bread Pakora is a delicious snack of bread filled with mixed herbs and cheese slice that are batter coated and later deep fried or shallow fried. These pakoras have a crispy and soft texture from outside with melty and savory cheese filling within.

video recipe of cheese bread pakaura


1 cup besan or gram flour

½ cup suji

2 tbspn chopped onion

2 tbspn chopped  tomato

2-3 green chilli

2 tbspn chopped capsicum

2 tbspn grated carrot

1/3 tspn haldi

1/3 tspn red chilli powder

Salt to taste

Chopped coriander leaves

4 bread slices

Cheese slices

Oregano and chilli flakes

Oil for frying



Take mixing bowl add one cup besan add water gradually make batter.

Add ½ cup of suji in besan batter and mix well keep aside for 10 min.

Now add chopped onion, tomato, capsicum and grated carrots,

Add 2-3 chopped green chilli 1/3 tspn haldi and red chili powder.

Add salt to taste and coriander leaves.

Mix well all ingredients add water if required make smooth batter.

Now take bread slices trim sides and add cheese slice on bread add oregano and chilli flakes.

Cover another bread and press gently.

Now cut in to four pieces.

Now take one bread piece and coat with batter well.

Heat kadahi add oil and fry all bread pieces till crisp both sides.

Remove on kitchen towel.

And serve with ketchup or chutney.


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