Chips based Pizza Recipe | Lays Chips Pizza | Cheesy Chips Pizza

Lays chips pizza recipe tastes so good and delicious and kids are enjoying a lot with lays chips pizza.

Lays Pizza is a very unique and delicious recipe. It can be made very quickly as you don’t have to make a normal pizza base. Use potato chips as the base and add cheese and other toppings on top of it. Try this unique pizza recipe.

You can add this pizza in birthday party of your kids.


Cooking Time- 5 min

Preparation Time- 1 min

Serve- Snacks


1 packet chips

1 cup cheese

2 tbsp. oregano

1 tbsp. chilli flakes

Chopped vegetable for topping ‘

(Capsicum, onion, tomato etc.)

Pizza Sause

Boiled corn 2 tbsp.


Take lays chips arrange properly in plate, spread pizza Sause properly and top with capsicum, onion, tomato and boiled corn.

Add more cheese and keep in microwave for 2 min and take out.

Add chilli flakes and oregano and serve.