Samak Rice with Curd or  Dahi Chawal, for fasting  Samvat Dahi chawal or Swang Dahi Chawal,  falahari dahi rice is made from samak chawal also known in English as Barnyard Millets,

Here is a light and cooling recipe of Farali Curd Rice made with Barnyard Millets or samak rice. They are known as Samak /Samo/ Sama ke chawal in Hindi. This is a nice change from the usual heavy fried dishes like sabudana vadas, puris and halwas we make during the fasting period. It is very easy to make and enjoy your fast with this curd rice-

Whether you are fasting or not, if you want to include the healthy millets in your diet then sure try this recipe, and while not fasting you can add regular salt.

video recipe of samak curd rice 

Preparation time- 1 min

Cooking time- 5 min

Cuisine- Indain fasting recipe

Serve- 2 person


1 Cup – Samak/Barnyard Millet

1 tsp – Sendha Namak or Salt

2 cup fresh curd

½ tspn roasted jeera powder

2 tbspn roasted peanuts

1 – Chopped Green Chili

1 tbsp – Chopped Coriander Leaves

Pomegranate seeds for garnishing


Wash and soak sama/barnyard millet until needed.

Heat water in a pan and bring to it boil, once water starts to boil, add sendha namak/rock salt and sama rice,

cover and cook until sama gets fully cooked. take out in bowl and keep aside.

Take mixing bowl add fresh curd mix well to remove any lumps, add sendha namake (rock salt), green chili, bhuna jeera powder, coriander leaves and mix well.

Heat tadka pan add 1/2 tspn desi ghee roast 2 tbspn peanuts take out.

now add 1/2 tspn jeera, 1/2 chopped ginger and green chilli saute falme off add chopped coriender leaves and add tadka in mixed curd rice.

Serve and enjoy fast,


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