Hare mirch ka bharwa is very tasty side dish. It is very easy to make. You can store this dish 7 days.
a simple lip smacking spicy side dish from Uttar Pradesh cuisine which can be prepare with  stuffing. traditionally these hari micrh are stir fried or pan fried, but these can also be deep fried for more crisp and better taste.
This side dish for simple meal like dal rice and patratha.
recipe on video-

Preparation time- 10 min.

Cooking Time- 10 min.

Serve- Side dish


 5-6 bharwa mirch
 2 tspn saunf
 2 tspn jeera
 2 tspn whole dhaniya
 2 tspn ajwain
1 tspn methi dana
1/2  tespn lal mirch powder
1/2 tspn dry mango powder
½ tspn haldi powder
2 tbspn oil for frying
Salt to taste
 First take mirch and wash properly and wipe of kitchen towel.
Take a pan and dry roast all whole masalas.
After roasting masalas make a fine powder in mixer grinder.
Now add salt, haldi, lal mirch powder, amchoor powder, 1 spoon oil  and dry masala powder, mix properly.
Now take mirch and slit all mirch with the help of knife.
Now stuff the masala in mirch and keep aside.
Take a pan heat 1 spoon oil and roast  the stuff mirch of  both sides till golden brown.
Now stuff mirch is ready to serve.
You serve Bharwa mirch  with Dal- Chawal or hot paratha.
You can Store bharwa mirch one week.
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