Kachi Keri Sharbat Recipe | Raw Mango Juice for summer – Today recipe is very easy and healthy for summer. It is  kachi keri ka sharbat.   As its name suggest it is made from raw mango. During summer season raw and ripe mangoes are easily available in market. This is the best time to get fresh raw mango and prepare various recipes with them.

Raw mangoes or kachi keri have many health benefits. Not only they help in easing the heat of summer but also helps the body remain hydrated. That’s why we use raw mangoes and make so many different recipes like kachi keri achaar (pickle), raw mango sweet pickle, aam panna, etc. Among all these recipes the kachi keri sharbat is easiest to make.

This kachi keri sharbat is quick and easy to make and best for everyone.. It has cooling effect on body and prevent heat stroke. I have also added mint (phudina) in this sharbat. Mint also has cooling effect on body and is great in summer.


Preparation time- 1 min.

Cooking time- 2 min.

Cousin- Summer drink

Serve- 1 person



Raw mango or kachi keri- 1 no.

Mint- 7-8 leaves

Sugar- 2 tbspn.

½ tspn roasted jeera powder

Black salt

½ tspn chaat masala

Rock salt or simple salt



Wash and cut the raw mangoes into medium size pieces.

Take grinder add mango pieces, salt, jeera powder, mint leaves, chaat masala, sugar and ice.

Grind well add water and mix well.

Add water and strain well.

Keri sharbat is ready.

Take glass pour juice add ice cubes and garnish with mint leaves and serve chilled.