This tasty and crispy kachauri made by moong dal and very little spices. Kachauris are basically deep fried bread. There are many varieties of kachauris in Indain cuisine, and moong dal is very popular one because it is very delicious and healthy. It can be add in your  breakfast and as  a snacks.

This kachauris made by all purpose flour (maida) but I prefer always make any type of kachauri with whole wheat flour so that  it’s become very healthy. And you can use a mix of both flour maida and whole wheat flour.

This kachauris stored a 2-3 days in fridge. You can serve this kachauri with aloo- tamatar gravy and some mixed pickle.



Preparation Time-  30 min.

Cooking time-20 min

Serve- 4 person

Course- breakfast, snacks


For stuffing

1 cup moong dal- Overnight soaked or soaked for 2-3 hr.

1 tspn-zeera

1 pinch of hing

½ tspn lal mirch powder

½ tspn turmeric powder

½ tspn garam masala

Oil for deep frying

Salt to taste

Chopped corianders leaves

For Dough-

2 cup whole wheat flour or (Maida)

1 tspn kalaungi

3-4 tbspn oil or ghee

½ tspn Salt

Water as required


To make stuffing

Take overnight soaked moong dal strain water and keep aside.

Take a pan adds 1 tspn oil and add hing, after seconds add zeera and crackle them.

Now add haldi powder, lal mirch powder, garam masala, salt and sauté for seconds and now add soaked moong dal and sauté for one minute. Now add 4-5 tbspn of water and cover the pan.

Sauté with stirring 3-4 min on a low medium flame. When moong dal is cooked off the flame and removes in bowl and keep aside.

Now cooked moong dal add in mixer grinder and make a course powder.

Add some coriander leaves and mix well.

For making Dough-

Take a bowl or thali add wheat flour or maida or mixture of both add kalaungi, salt and oil

or ghee and mix properly.

With your finger tips mix the ghee or oil with the flour for a few min. till you get a bread crumbs like texture in the mixture.

Add the water in parts and knead the soft dough.

Cover the dough for a moist muslin cloth for a 15 min.

Method for kacahuri-

After 15 min lightly the dough.

Roll the dough in to a log, now cut the dough in equal portion.

Take one bal in hand and flatten with your fingers, keep the edges thin while flattening. You can also use a rolling pin (belen) to flattened.

Now place the moong dal stuffing  on the flatten dough.

Seal the edges of the dough together properly.

Flatten the top and the gently roll the kachauri with a rolling pin to get a medium thickness of kacahuri. Stuff and prepare all the kacahuri this way.

Now heat oil in a pan keep the flame low when the oil is just hot enough now fry kacahuri one by one.

When the kacahuri start puffing up then gently flip each kacahuri with a spoon, so that they puff up well.

When the one side become light golden then gently turn them over. The frying takes 2-3 min on low flame (but if you use maida for kachuari the it takes time 3-4 min for frying).

Continue to fry on a low flame till the dal kachauri become golden.

Fry the kachauri till they become golden and  nicely crisp from outside.

Remove khasta kachauri on tissue paper so that excess oil is absorbed. Fry all kacahuri this way.

Serve moong dal kachauri warm with aloo tamatar gravy or some pickle.

You can also serve kachauri with green  chutney  or curd.


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