Matar mushrooms  is very easy to make recipe and very tasty and healthy dish. Matar and mushrooms both are very nutritious and flavourful ingredients. When you cook them with a  onion tomato masala and powdered spices great taste is guaranteed.  I like to cook matar mushrooms always specially in winter and serve with  rotis or plain steamed rice.




Prep Time – 10-15 minutes
Cook time – 20-25 minutes
Serve –          3 Person
  • Green peas  1  cups
  • Mushrooms 200 grams
  • Oil 2 tbspn
  • Bay leaf 1-2
  • Green cardamoms 4
  • Cinnamon 1 inch stick
  • Onions finely chopped 2 large
  • Ginger paste 1 tbspn
  • Garlic paste 1 tbspn
  • Tomato puree ½  cup
  • Red chilli powder 1 tbspn
  • Coriander powder 1 tbspn
  • Turmeric powder 1 tespn
  • Garam masala powder 1 tbspn
  • Salt to taste
  • Coriander leaves for garnishing



Heat  oil in a kadai or pan. Add bay leaf and  crushed green cardamom, cinnamon stick.

After that   add finally chopped onions and sauté until light golden brown.

 Add ginger- garlic paste and  sauté for ½   minute.


 Now add tomato puree, red chilli powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, garam masala powder and salt and sauté till oil leaves the masala.



Add matar and mushroom and sauté 1 minute more. Add a cup of water, bring the mixture to boil.


Cook on medium heat for 6-8 to minute or till the green peas are fully cooked.


Now matar- Mushroom  is ready to serve.


Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve hot with roti or steamed rice.




If you make Matar-Mushroom gravy then add water  as you needed gravy.


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