Moong Dal and potato chilla is highly nutritious. These savory tasty pancakes or chilla make for a great breakfast, brunch or even a lunch when you want to have something different and healthy at the same time. It is perfect recipe for kids lunch box.

Moong Dal Chilla are healthy, nutritious, spiced and tasty Indian style pancakes made with moong lentils, herbs and spices. This Moong Dal Cheela makes for a great breakfast, brunch or even lunch when you want to have something different and healthy at the same time.


You can make the Moong Dal Chilla more wholesome by adding some grated carrot or beetroot, chopped capsicum or shredded cabbage.

Serve these Moong dal Pancake or chilla stuffed with crumbled/grated paneer or as is with tomato ketchup or green chutney. Have these chillas for breakfast or as a snack.

Video recipe of Moong dal chilla

Preparation time- 10 min

Cooking time- 10 min

Soaking time of dal -2 -4 hrs.

Cuisine- Indian breakfast recipe


1 cup moong dal

2 medium size potato

Garlic green or pod

Chilli 3-4

Jeera 1 tspn

Chopped onion 2 tbspn

1 tspn ginger

Dhaniya patti 2 tbspn

Salt to tatte

½ tspn turmeric powder

1 tspn chilli flakes

Oil for making chilla


  • Soak the lentils with 2 to 3 cups of water for 3 to 4 hours or overnight if you plan to make the chilla for breakfast.
  • In a grinder, add the soaked moong dal, giner, garlic, green chili and jeera  and ¼ cup of water. Grind to a smooth and fine consistency.

  • Don’t add too much water as the lentils might not grind evenly. We need a smooth and lump free batter for moong dal chilla.
  • Take the finely ground batter in a bowl. Grated 2 medium size potato and Add turmeric powder, chili flakes and salt as required and mix well.

  • Then add chopped coriander leaves, chopped onions, and mix well.

  • Allow the batter to rest for 10 mins.

  • The consistency of the batter has to be of pouring consistency, neither too thick nor too thin.
  • Heat pan add 1 tspn oil and pour one scoopful of batter and spread batter round shape.


  • Cook the chilla on medium heat. After a minute they will look crisp and brown from the bottom.

  • At this stage drizzle a bit of oil around the edges and in the center of the chilla. Spread the oil drops with a spoon all over the cooked chilla.
  • Flip the chilla and cook the other side for a minute.
  • Once the moong dal chilla  crisp and golden, remove and place aside.
  • Similarly make all other chilla. You can stuff the chilla with some grated paneer if you want.
  • Serve moong dal chilla with tomato ketchup or green chutney.


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