Today I am going to share amazing No-Bake Instant Cake at your Home.

Here you will see an easy and Step by Step recipe to make the perfect Instant No Bake Cake at your Home without any mistake or difficulty. No need to cream and anything. When your kids are demanding for chocolate cake just make, serve and see happiness on their face.


You just need bread, chocolate syrup and some chocolate vermicelli for decoration.

So without wasting any time, let’s start this No-Bake Instant Cake recipe.

Video Recipe of Instant cake



Preparation time- 2 min

Cooking time- 2 min

Cuisine- Indian

Course- instant dessert



  • 4 pcs of Bread
  • 4 tspn Water
  • 2 tspn Sugar
  • Colored sprinkles (decoration)
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Chocolate shavings or vermicelli


To make the perfect Instant No Bake Cake, first take 4 Bread slices and cut the brown edges of all pieces of bread.

Now, take a bowl, add 2 tspn and 4 tspn water dissolve and make sugar syrup.

Now, place 4 bread slices on the plate trim sides and apply sugar syrup to the bread slices.

Now, apply chocolate chocolate syrup and spread with a knife or spatula.

Now add another bread slices and repeat same process.

Now, make the third and fourth layers following the same steps.

Now apply more chocolate syrup and coat well all sides of bread.



Now garnish the cake on the sides with the chocolate shavings and colour full chocolate vermicelli. Keep in fridge for ½ hr. and enjoy.

Now your Instant No-Bake cake is completely ready, and you can enjoy it.


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