Paneer Cutlet
This Paneer cutlet is mostly made in our home for the kids after school as . It can be evening snacks and used as a patty for vegetable burger .I have never tried this deep frying. I always prefer to bake them or shallow fry.  

 I usually use bread crumbs for the outer layer, it gives a good crust.  This makes a good after school snack or as a part of the lunch box.

Preparation Time- 05 min.
Cooking time- 20 min.
Paneer cutlet
  Serves: 3 to 4
·         1 cup paneer crumbled
·         ¾ cup of boiled potato
·         2 to 3 green chilies chopped
·         2 to 3 slices of bread
·         1 tsp. ginger garlic paste
·         Pinch of cumin
·         1 medium onion
·         ⅛ tsp turmeric
·         ⅛ tsp pepper powder
·         Some  chopped coriander leaves
·         Salt to taste

1.  Dip bread slices in water, squeeze remove excess water.

2.  Take a bowl and add grated Paneer, onion, green chilli, coriander leaves, cumin seeds, ginger-garlic paste, potato, haldi, pepper powder and add salt to taste.
3.  Mix all the ingredients well till everything is blended well.
4.  Heat a Pan or tawa and  heat oil  on a medium flame .

5.  Shallow Fry all Paneer cutlet one side for 6-7 min or till golden brown.( If you want to deep fry this cutlet then please all cutlet coat with bread crumbs and then deep fry)

6. Flip them the other side and shallow fry another side till golden brown.
7.  Serve hot with green chutney or ketchup.
     For baking in oven, preheat the oven to 220C
Prepare a baking tray, grease it
Make small thin patties ( ¼ inch), and smear little oil on them
Bake for 10 to 15 mins, flip them to the other side.

Bake paneer cutlet for another 10 to 12 mins.

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