Parwal is one of the most overlooked vegetables of India. It is widely available in the market throughout the year, but rarely finds a place in the vegetable basket in our kitchen. a simple parwal sabzi is the most common dish prepared in every household, but trust me, many recipes can be made with this sabzi. Not only does it have a wide variety of dishes, but it also makes for a healthy meal due to its richness in nutrients. Parwal is packed with antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber and more. It is also low in calories. This vegetable is a good option for your weight loss. Additionally, it is also known to help promote digestion and strengthen immune health.

So to make this healthy vegetable tasty for you, I am going to share a simple and tasty recipe, which can help you prepare easy meals for lunch and dinner. It is called Parwal Bharta. This recipe requires minimal ingredients to make, and can be a quick recipe for those lazy days when you just don’t feel like spending time in the kitchen.

Bideo Recipe of Parwal Bharta

Preparation Time- 5 min

Cooking time- 5 min.

Cuisine- Bengal \ Bihar

Serve- 2 person


6 Parwal

4-5 cloves of garlic

2-3 green chilli

2 whole red chilli

1/2 tspn turmeric powder

Half teaspoon Nigella seeds (Kalonji)

salt as per taste

½ tspn sugar

1 tspn mustard oil


Clean the Parwal and trim the edges.

Peel and cut in to small sizes.

Now, put it in a blender along with garlic, green chilli, and coriander leaves.

Heat oil in a pan, add nigella seeds red chilli and 1 tspn chopped garlic and saute.

Add the paste to the pan and mix well. Add 1/3 tspn haldi powder, salt tp taste,and add 1’2 tspn sugar   Cook until excess water evaporate.


Place it in a serving bowl and add ½ tspn mustard oil and garnish with some chopped coriander leaves.

Include this quick and easy Parwal Bharta as a side dish with rice and dal. You can also eat it with roti or paratha.


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