Potato Garlic bites is very interesting, tasty and crisp snacks. This snacks made with simple boiled aloo chilli flakes and garlic. It is very easy to make recipe. Even you can serve in lunch box in your kids. This bites have an appealing texture which not only makes a treat but also a perfect evening snacks. These potato bites snacks are served as a side with a burger in your birthday party of your loved one.

Preparation Time- 20min

Cooking Time- 10 min

Type- snacks


3 potato (boiled and mashed)

     2 tbspn corn flour or rice flour

2 tbspn bread crumbs

½ tspn garlic paste

1 tspn chilli flakes

¼ tspn black pepper powder

Salt to taste


Take a large bowl or thali take 3 boiled potato and grate them.

Add corn flour, black pepper, chilli flakes and garlic paste and make a dough.

Now add bread crumbs and salt mix and make soft dough.


If the dough is still sticky, add 1 tbspn  breadcrumbs and mix well.

Now, take a small ball sized of mixture, and make a cube size.

Now heat oil and fry all potato cubes. ( brush oil on all cubes and bake 180 degree celcius for 15 min.)

Stir occasionally, until it turns golden brown and crisp, drain over a tissue paper.

Now enjoy potato bites with tomato sause hari chutney or meyonise.


Note- If you want more crisp then make a slurry of corn flour and deep bites and coat with bread crumbs.



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