Singhare Ka Halwa is a popular recipe that is made during fasting or vrat. Singhare Ke atta ka Halwa is very easy to make and just requires very few ingredients.

We are generally keep fast during Ekadashi, Navratri, Shivratri, sawan and etc. Many people stay on vrat during Tuesdays, Thursdays, Monday and Saturdays.

In these times, we cannot consume Maida, Suji, or Besan. Because these are considered “Aanaj”. And we are very strict about fasting. We must eat – “Satvik Food”! We can eat Fruits but we cannot eat Aanaj.

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the best alternative to these three is Singhare ka Atta(Water Chestnut Flour) or Kuttu Ka Atta(Buckwheat Flour), Rajgire Ka Atta (Amaranth Flour), or Sama Ke Chawal Ka atta (Barnyard Millet flour) for fasting.

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Prepration time- 5 min.

Cooking time- 10 min.

Serve-  2 person

Cuisine- fasting recipe



½ Cup Ghee

1 Cup Singhare Ka Atta or Water Chestnut Flour

1 Cup Water

½ Cup Sugar

1 Cup desiccated coconut


Take a Non-Stick pan and heat 2 tbspn ghee in it.

Once the ghee gets hot add Singhare ka atta and mix well.


Roast the Atta on medium-flame. Keep stirring continuously till it gets golden brown.

Now add 2 tbspn desiccated coconuts and mix well.

In a few minutes, you will get a nice nutty aroma. This takes about 3-4 minutes.

Add half cup of sugar and combine well.

This stage add water and stir continuously. Keep stirring continuously until it gets smooth.

In a few minutes, ghee will start separating from the sides. Turn off the flame at that time.

Let it cool down when it get cool down cut in to desired shape.

Take desiccated coconut in plate and coat well all pieces of halwa.


Serve hot or chilled.

You can store this halwa in fridge 3-4 days.

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