This grapes chutney is very sweet and tangy. Tangy and spicy chutney are an essential part of a typical Indian meal. Your meal can be from any region, a serving of chutney always works its magic to make it taste better. From mint chutney in north India to coconut chutney in South India, you’ll find a whole host of different kinds of chutneys to go with various Indian meals. But if you have a bit of a sweet tooth, you may like your chutney to be a little on the sweet side too, and for you, fruit chutneys are an ideal pick.

Grapes usually come with a combined sweet and saur taste. This chutney will also have both of these flavours but will fall more strongly on your palate. This is the best time of the year to make this chutney as fresh grapes are available in abundance in the cold weather. Make this chutney in bulk and store in air-tight container and enjoy it for months to come.

A sweet and sour combination of grapes, jaggery and chillies, perfect to accompany all your meals!


Preparation time- 5 min

Cooking time- 5-8 min.

Cousin- chutney recipe




200 gram green grapes

2 tspn panch foran

(saunf,jeera, ajwain, methi and khadi dhaniya)

2-3 whole red  chilli

½ tspn salt

½ tspn red chilli powder

½ cup jaggery

½ tspn oil




First take grapes wash and make fine paste in grinder.

Heat pan add ½ tspn oil and add panch foran Or achari masala saute second,

Now add grapes paste saute,

After 1 min add jaggery and mix.

After 2 min add ½ tspn salt and ½ tspn red chilli powder mix well.

Cover and cook till jaggery melted.


When syrup has thick consistency add remaining grapes mix and cover for 2 min. more.

After 2 min grapes chutney is ready to serve.

Keep in airtight jar and store.