Dhokla is a vegetarian snacks, it’s specially from the Gujarati cuisine. Dhokla is a snacks item which can be made for an evening snacks or for breakfast too. It is very light and healthy dish and easy to make recipe.  Typically Dhokla recipe is prepared from beasn or chickpea flour, but this recipe is an alternative and prepared from rava or semolina. However this recipe is an instant version of rava dhokla with eno fruit salt which helps to the fast fermentation process. Basically dhokla makes in oven or steam but today we will make dhokla on tawa thats why it’s called Tawa Dhokla and cook it through steam by cover a lid on top. Here you will found step by step of this recipe detail.

Preparation Time- 10 min.

Cooking Time-15.min


Serving- 4 person


1 cup suji

1 cup dahi or curd

1 tomato- finally chopped

1 small capsicum- finally chopped

1 small carrot- finally chopped or grated

1 small onion- finally chopped

1 tspn mustard seeds

Curry patta

Green chilli chopped

Coriander leave chopped

1 tspn Red chilli powder

Eno salt 1 pouch

Salt to taste



Take a bowl add 1 cup of suji or semolina and add dahi and mix well keep aside for 10 min.

After 10 min. Add all chopped vegetable and mix well.

Now mix the water and make it batter of normal consistency.

Add salt and mix well.

When you start make a dhokla first you add eno salt and mix properly.

Take a non stick pan or iron tawa and heat well after heating keep flame low.

Keep a round or any other shape  cookies cutter pour oil inside it and once heat oil mustard seed, curry patta and chopped green chilli.

After that add 1 spoon of batter inside the cookies cutter, sprinkle red chilli powder and cover it.

Let it cook on low flame for 4-5 min. once done check with knife or toothpick. If tooth pick come out clean dhokla is done.

With the help of knife clean the edges of the cookies cutter and de mould it.

Tawa dhokla is ready for serve.

Serve hot with imli chutney or tomato ketchup or any type of green chutney.





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