Thekua is the traditional, unique and very famous sweet recipe of Bihar. It served as an evening snack similar to biscuit or is also used as a Prasad during the chath puja.  Each state of India has its own unique tradition and traditional recipes which have been carried by generations. It is very easy and simple sweet recipe in known as Thekua or khajur made with only two ingredients just wheat flour and jaggery syrup. I always prefer jaggery syrup for thekua instead of sugar syrup because jaggery becomes Thekua is more healthier,  Basically the dough is made with wheat flour mixed with melted jagery syrup or sugar syrup with a small amount of ghee. The dough has to be  mixture of flour and syrup  and later it is shaped to the desired shape like round, oval, even you can make some design on Thekua. Deep frying these snack makes it unique compared to other cookies or biscuit which is generally baked. Thekua becomes more hard and crisp once it cools down which can be stored for 8-10 days in air tight container.


Preparation time- 10 min.

Cooking time -30-35 min.

Type – snack

Cuisine- Bihar


1 ½ cup of wheat flour

½ cup of jaggery or jaggery  syrup

½ tspn saunf

2 tbspn dry grated coconut  (optional)

2 tbspn desi ghee

Oil or ghee for frying




 Take a large mixing bowl or thali add wheat flour, saunf and grated coconut mix well.


 Now add 2 tbspn of ghee and mix make crumbles.

 Now prepare the jaggery syrup, take ½ cup of jaggery and ½ cup of water stir and make syrup.

 Add little syrup in flour and mix properly. don’t make a dough only mix well with jagerry syrup.

 After that make a equal small sized ball and press with palm give round shape.

Make a all thekua and keep aside.

 Take a pan and heat oil for frying in hot oil dropping very gently and fry all thekua on low flame. Because low falme frying the thekua is become  hard and crispy.


Flip over gently as they will be very soft.

 Fry for 10- 12 min or untill golden brown from both sides.

 Drain off and cool completely, thekua will be soft when its hot, it turn crisp and hard once cool completely.

 Now thekua is ready for serve, enjoy thekua with your family member.  






Note- if you use sugar for thekua the take one ½ cup of sugar and add water dissolve on low flame, once dissolve the sugar syrup is ready for making dough.

If you don’t fry these Thekua then you can preheat bake  180 degree Celsius  for 12 min.


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