The Indian street food known as vada pav, which are delicious potato fritter sliders, it’s likely that you have tasted the magic known as dry garlic chutney. Made with just few ingredients in 15 minutes.

You can distinctly taste both the desiccated coconut and garlic in this chutney. The spice and heat comes from red chili powder. I used Kashmiri red chili powder to give the chutney a bright, deep reddish-orange color.

There are many variations of making this vada pav chutney where a few spices like coriander and cumin are also added. Some variations also add roasted peanuts.

Here I have sautéed the garlic first so its pungency is reduced and the raw bite of garlic goes away.

video recipe of Garlic chutney

Preparation time- 5 min.

Cooking time- 10 min.

Cuisine- street food chutney


Descated coconut ½ cup

Kashmiri red chilli powder- 2 tspn

Garlic clove one pod

Whole red chili 3-4

Salt to taste



  • Heat frying pan add garlic cloves saute 30 sec.
  • Add 3-4 whole red chilli saute 10 sec.

  • Add desiccated coconut powder saute 30 sec.

  • Let this mixture cool at room temperature.
  • When the mixture has cooled down completely add mixture in a grinder and add 2 tspn red chilli powder and salt to taste.

  • Grind coarsely in intervals 4-5 seconds and stop.

(You can even use pulse option of the mixer-grinder.)

  • Grind to a coarse or semi-fine mixture. Spoon the lasun chutney in a small glass jar or bowl. Cover tightly and refrigerate.
  • Serve the chutney as required with any snacks like vada pav or onion pakora.
  • This garlic chutney you can use make garlic chutney paratha in your breakfast. It is too much delicious.

Garlic chutney paratha recipe

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