Vermicelli pudding recipe | Nawabi semai recipe | Nawabi sawai this is easiest and most creamy vermicelli dessert recipes is made with thin semai noodles and custard milk. It is one of the must dessert recipes during the holy month of Eid Ramadan, but can also be prepared for various occasions. It is loaded with the goodness of creamy custard, but the topping of different types of dry fruits makes it a very special dessert recipe.


This recipe of vermicelli pudding or nawabi sawai is a very unique recipe. Firstly, the vermicelli noodles are crunchy and are not soaked or cooked with custard. Therefore, when served you would still feel the crunchiness of thin vermicelli noodles. Secondly, the noodles and custard is layered one after the other and then set in the refrigerator. This makes it like a thick cake and even when served it holds its shape. Hence, if you assume it is just another type of custard recipe, you should try this recipe once surely.


Preparation Time- 10 min

Cooking Time 10 min

Course – Dessert

Serve – 3 Person


Ingredients –

200 gram semiya or (fine ) vermicelli

1 tspn desi ghee

4 tbspn milk powder

4 tbspn powdered sugar or normal sugar

2 tspn custard powder (vanilla flavours)

1 tspn corn flour

2 cup milk

Some nuts as your need



How to roast vermicelli-

Heat pan add 1 tspn ghee and roast 200 grams semia.

Roast on low flame until it turns crunchy and light golden brown.

Add 2 tbsp. milk powder and 2 tbspn powdered sugar.

Stir 2 min more mix well making sure everything is well combined.

Keep aside.


How to make custard-


Take a bowl add 2 tbspn custard powder and I tspn of corn flour add water or milk

Make paste.

Take pan add 2 cup of milk boil on low flame for 2 min.


Now add custard paste and mix well.

Mix well making there no lumps.

Keep stirring on a low flame until the mixture thickens.

Cook until the mixture turns creamy thick. Switch off the flame.


How to make vermicelli custard –

Take a bowl and add half roasted semia.


Press and level it up, making sure it will be tight.

Pour in prepared custard, leaving some gap for semiya to top it up.

Now top up with roasted semiya and then add nuts.

Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours or until the custard sets completely.

After two hr. serve and enjoy.