1. Heart Shaped Sesame Seeds Cookies Recipe is a delicious and melt in the mouth cookies with a flaky texture.  You can make these cookies and store so that you can serve these for your kids small hunger.  We can store these in an airtight container. You can take these for potluck parties or make for tea parties at home. These cookies are very easy to make and very less ingredients need to make.

Preparation time- 10 min.

Cooking time- 10 min.

Serve- 4 person

Cousin- Cookies




1 and ½ cup of maida (all purpose flour)


½ cup ghee or oil

¼ salt

Powdered sugar 1 cup

Milk ½ cup

4 tspn sesame seeds (roasted)

Oil for fry




Take bowl add 1 cup sugar, ghee or oil and milk.

Mix all ingredients well till dissolve.

Now add 1 and ½ cup of all-purpose flour and mix well. ‘

Knead a soft dough. Keep aside.

Take butter paper roll kneaded dough like chapatti.

Cut the heart shape cookies with help of cookies cutter.

Heat oil in pan and fry all cookies on low to medium flame.

Crispy sesame cookies are ready to serve.

Store in air tight container and enjoy.

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